Saturday 29 January 2011

Early Whitework Sampler for Auction

In Dreweatts Vintage Fashion and Textile Sale on 1 February 2011 there is what appears to be an early Lace Sampler, possibly 17th Century, measuring 14" x 8". Also included with this Lot 5 is a pair of decorated silk christening mittens in a small lacquer box, inscribed in ink 'Christening Mittens, Worn in Queen Eliz'ths Time'. Plus a pair of decorated silk 'Souvenir D`Amitie'. The esitmates for this lot are: £120 - £150. Just click here to see more.

1 comment:

  1. Ok...taking into account this is my morning and I haven`t had my coffee yet...120-150 BPS??? Is that all?? Oh how I wish I was in England!! I would love to have that sampler!!
    Are all 4 edges hemmed? It looks like the right size to have been cut from a sampler that had whitework and silk embroidery...