Tuesday 18 January 2011

Spitalfields Day Out with the Textile Society * 21 February 2011

The Textile Society is a great institution and I am proud to be a member. It was set up nearly 30 years ago as an educational charity with the objective of promoting the study of textile disciplines and celebrating the history and culture of textiles, both traditional and contemporary. This they do by organizing a number of events, some of them fund-raisers, in order to grant bursaries where they are needed most. In addition there is the Society's Journal, TEXT which is published annually and three Newsletters a year with up to date news, events and exhibitions. On Monday 21 February 2011 the Society is organizing a fascinating day out in London focussing on Spitalfields. At 12 noon - 12.45 there will be a visit to the Dennis Severs House in 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6B - the former home of a family of Huguenot silk weavers named Jarvis. The charge for this is £5 for members. Then after lunch 3.00-4.30 there is a look behind the scenes in the reserve collection of the Museum of London to study woven silks from the 18th century with Beatrice Behlan, senior curator. The charge is £5 for the afternoon session. To find out how you can join the Textile Society, just click here.

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