Monday 23 August 2010

New Vierlande Library II & 11 Mini Samplers will be Ready to Download Tomorrow

Just two last sneak previews prior to publication tomorrow evening - the top mini sampler is called Marjan after a great stitching mermaid and was designed with a modern sea colour scheme to show how striking and bold these wonderful motifs can be when translated from monochrome to glorious colour. And just imagine the colours you would use on individual medallions to transform them into pretty tree ornaments for Christmas. You could use the rose and gold palette seen on our Kaiserin mini sampler below - or something completely different! You could stitch just one initial from the Kaiserin sampler to embellish a special card or gift to make someone feel extra special - or maybe frame  individual initials to mingle with your collection of family photos on your lamp many ideas - I am sure you will have many more! The cost for the library of motifs and 11 mini sampler charts will be $20 - and as an extra, anyone who purchases this download will be entered in a draw for Christiane Gadtgens wonderful book: Norddeutsche Stickmuster aus Vierlander. See you tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful colors ! i can't wait to tomorrow !!!

  2. I have been waiting patiently for this release.
    Yeah, it's almost here.

  3. Jacqueline, your fingers have been flying with all the stitching of your delightful mini samplers. Kaiserin is absolutely gorgeous, the colors are so delicate. ::sigh:: what's one more day to wait? ::sigh:: Dianne in UT

  4. How exciting! MY landlord just needed me to do some work for him last night so I made enough to indulge myself. How fun is that?