Wednesday 25 August 2010

Nearly There But Not Quite......

Oh, I am so nearly there with this publication that my teeth hurt. We have everything loaded for the downloads, the eBook, the pdfs for the mini samplers and the second Vierlande library of motifs plus all the editable files, but we still have some other links and web pages to create to enable you to browse the the book and purchase it. And apart from my teeth, I am falling off my stool because it is after 1am and I have been working for 16 hours straight on this. I need to go to bed, and then I can finish off tomorrow so everything is nice and neat for you. My apologies.


  1. Oh, that's awful! I understand completely, though - I do the exact same thing! Please be good to yourself - we can wait. (Sitting down and sipping an iced tea)...


  2. Oh, your work and lack of sleep will be well worth it when the project is finished and orders start rolling in. It is a beautiful project. I will have to be one to order for sure. Thanks for sharing the update, can't wait.

  3. Look after yourself Jacqueline there is no hurry at all-), the cover looks so inviting and look forward to downloading this when you are ready!!

  4. Please get some rest Jaqueline - we know just how you feel and we'll all be here when "it happens" - and in the meantime the samples are just lovely!


  5. so exciting! thank you for all your hard work. can't wait to see it! you will really deserve a break when it is finally finished. and you will be so proud of yourself too.