Wednesday 11 August 2010

James Wilson - Boy Sampler Stitcher 1828 Charted Pattern and Volunteer Blogger wanted for Haslemere Educational Museum - Location Anywhere!

There are just a few samplers stitched by boys and this one in the Haslemere Educational Museum is a very special and lovely example with its delightful house (do you think it could be James' house?) in the shade of a tree, its many pots of flowers and not one, but two darling squirrels, - and from today you can buy the pattern chart direct from the museum. Payment will need to be via Credit Card or sterling cheque. Just click here to send your request for a copy.

The Museum is also looking for a volunteer blogger to help them. They are wanting to make approximately one post a week and you will be supplied with text and images. If you are able to blog in more than one language that would be lovely. The work is voluntary, but I promise the blogger a free copy of every Needleprint Blog digital download for as long as they blog. Just click here if you are interested.


  1. What fun! I`d love to post the blog...

    How lovely to see a sampler stitched by a boy. I wonder if he enjoyed it or hated every stitch?

  2. I would love to dedicate a page on my website to male stitchers. Particularly old samplers and such from the 1800's. This sampler is awesome and I found it at just the right time. I am currently designing my first sampler.