Saturday 28 August 2010

Enigmatic Bristol Orphanage Sampler for Auction * Bonhams * Knightsbridge * 7 Sept

There are a number of interesting samplers coming up for sale at Bonhams on 7 September, and I have chosen this sampler to show, not just because it is a Bristol Orphanage sampler, but because there is a little mystery lurking at the base of it. Described in the catalogue as lacking lower section on closer observation this appears to be exactly the section of cloth where the maker's name would have been stitched together with the name of the school wing. The questions it begs are these: was the maker's name and school removed because of the stigma attached to this location? And was it removed by the maker - or by descendents of the maker? Or perhaps there is some other story altogether?

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  1. you wonder in days of long ago some women also wanted to not let on how old they really were? never thought about not wanting someone to know what school they went to. interesting. you always make me think beyond the obvious. another reason i love your blog!