Wednesday 4 August 2010

My Chatelaine from Leicester Museum

Dolls and how they were dressed tell us something about the norms for women and girls of the period. This wonderful doll from the Leicester Museum is the only one I know to be accessorised with a mini-chatelaine. There were probably more dolls like her, but the chatelaines have been separated from their rightful owners over the playful years. There is also something about the fabric of the dress that makes me want to get quilting for some reason. Does it affect other quilters in the same way?


  1. Yes it does. She needs her own little quilt. :)

  2. i agree and i rarely quilt maybe once or twice. i love dolls and the older the better. i collected them when my daughter was young i think more for me than her. i still have a couple and someday would love to make one. maybe with a quilted dress???