Thursday 26 August 2010

Goodness Me - I Nearly Forgot The Giveaway!

And goodness me, what brave souls you are - some of you have emailed to tell me you intend to stitch the entire Vierlande 2 motif library - just as it is - as a sampler! That will be just so amazing, I can hardly wait to see. And in all the excitement, I forgot to tell you about the new giveaway. Well, you don't really have to do a thing. Anyone who has purchased the Vierlande 2 download will automatically be entered in the giveaway for the Christiane Gadtgens book Norddeutsche Stickmuster aus Vierlanden and we'll draw for the book on 30 November, so the winner has their prize for Christmas. The book which is German text is full of delights, including more Vierlande motifs to add to your sampler! Good Luck.

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