Wednesday 25 August 2010

Dis Bonjour to Annie from Needleprint France

I was very sad when Paule who wrote the Needleprint France blog became so ill she could not continue. Apart from being a wonderful woman and a dear kind friend, her insight into needlework was tremendous. For some time I struggled with my dusty French to keep the blog going and then work just became too much. But I do believe in Angels, and out of nowhere, in fact that is not true, I should say, out of Quebec, appeared Annie, an experienced stitcher and lover of old needlework, who will be continuing Needleprint France. Do stop and say hello or bonjour to Annie, won't you?


  1. It is an honour to me to take part of your wonderful project. Thank you for this great introduction. I will do my best to keep Needleprint France at the same level that Paule and you did.

  2. Annie,

    Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing how Needleprint France comes along.