Saturday 3 July 2010

Woolley and Wallis Auctioneers * Victorian Quilts for Auction * 6 July

I have had one of those lovely days today where everything seemed just as perfect as could be. I was able to get along really well with some stitching in front of the open windows, the breeze was lovely and wafted in the scents of rose and lavender as well as the country sounds - birds and very vociferous rutting deer! There were so many lovely emails from you about the key rings. Some of you didn't want the key ring for yourself but to present to a special friend. I am so touched by your true friendship. And I met someone from Australia; once a passionate quilter now working on counted thread work and so I thought she and you too would enjoy seeing these wonderful Victorian quilts which will come up for auction next week.

Woolley and Wallis have a number of quilts for auction and these are just a tiny few - so if you love quilts do click on their link to see more.

I rather like the artful simplicity of these quilts - they are not too contrived and one has to ask to what degree did the materials design the quilt. This quilt is very interesting - it is a Crimean War Quilt. These soldiers' quilts were made from the uniforms of the soldiers taking part in the Crimean War during the 1850`s. The strength needed to sew and concentrate played a large part in the convalescence of many wounded soldiers.


  1. How I so enjoyed seeing these quilts, the first two are just stunning and as I am working on a hexagon quilt at the moment, they have inspired me to keep going as I am sewing by hand. The third quilt I find simply beautiful, just a tiny square sewn with different fabrics has made an extraordinary quilt. Thank you so much for adding these pictures. It is such a gloomy day here in Victoria, Australia and perfect for hand sewing in front of the fire with pumpkin soup for lunch! Kindest regards, Ann ~ Australia.

  2. Thank you for the link they have quite a few up. I did also like the 19th century miniature rosewood sewing table.

  3. These are absolutely divine! Have had a lovely time going through all the quilts and saving pics of the ones I would love to recreate one day! Thanks so much for sharing them.
    Your friend in Australia,