Monday 26 July 2010

Introducing Gisela

Many of the Vierlande samplers we see were worked in black. However, some are polychrome, so I don't think we need keep our appetites on strict colour-controlled diets. This is Gisela from the new Vierlande II motif album + 10 samplers download which will be released shortly. Hot off the needle, it is a day's project. It can be worked in a square format, or take off the corners and you have a circular piece which would be a lovely topper for a gift box. I chose these colours because they reminded me of those lovely embroidered loden jackets children wore in the 50s when there was a passion for all things Austrian, including zithers. And if you are a lover of monochrome, you can simply pick your own colour to work this design.

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1 comment:

  1. Exciting use of colors here, they certainly complement each other. thanks for taking out a little time from your busy day to show us some of your needlework! Some real classy inspirations here!