Saturday 31 July 2010

Mónica Maria Hangs Up Her Cushion

Now here is a cushion not stitched for sitting upon! Mónica Maria López Godino from Spain has definitely put hers out of harm's way by framing it - and how wonderful it looks like this. This is another one of Steve Rousseau's inspired designs. You have made such a lovely heirloom piece Mónica and I hope you will be proudly showing it off to admirers for many, many more years to come. If you have not got your Needleprint free Ackworth cushion download just click here. What could be easier?


  1. Monica is a great kind of person, her works are reflection about how she's, congrats Monica!

  2. RENVERSANT ! Congradulations ! what a beautiful piece and thank you very much for giving life to my project.

  3. How wonderful! I love it framed...