Friday 2 July 2010

Sampler Exhibition at the Historisch Museum de Bevelanden, Netherlands * 8 July - 11 August

Many thanks to Erica of the Lapzussen (Sampler Sisters) of Kontich for telling me about this free exhibition of all the samplers in the Belgian Kontich museum (about 140) which you will be able to see on display in the Grote of Maria Magdalenakerk in Goes, Netherlands. There will be a catalogue and patterns of some of the samplers, the earliest of which dates from 1700. The Kontich collection is really lovely and is one of my favourites, some of the items having been purchased by the same person who acquired samplers for the V&A in the UK. Opening times are: Mondays to Fridays 11am - 5pm and on Saturdays from noon - 4pm.

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  1. Oh my! Thanks for this little nugget of information. I will definitely go and have a snoop in Goes one of these days :o)