Wednesday 14 July 2010

Beaded Purses in the Hampshire Museums Now On-Line

Perhaps when some of you visited the Hampshire Museums Website to look up more details of Sweet Fanny Adams, you might have come across their on-line bag and purse collection. For those of you who didn't here are a few examples to whet your appetite and you can click on any of the images or the museum link above to go and explore all their lovely collection. When you get to their web- page loook for the link on the right hand of the page which invites you to search the bags and purses collection. You can browse the entire collection or enter Beadedinto the search criteria.

I love these little beaded purses which were so popular through the hundred years from 1830 onwards. They would have used a counted thread grid for their design - perhaps published in a fashionable ladies magazine. Was there any excuse to stop at making just one...? There are so many variations in design and and mounting that I have a feeling that if had I lived at the time then my heirs would have had to go through several boxes of them at my demise!


  1. Oh, how lovely. Were they loomed, do you know, or were they worked in hand, sewing beads to fabric? Thanks for posting these!

  2. If you had problems with the first link it was because it was a php link which didn't survive the search session I started, so now there is a general link for you to find these purses - now you can see all of them!