Thursday 1 July 2010

Mary Wigham - Framed Again

I am so pleased that all the Mary Wighams weren't completed at the same time - how wonderful it is to be surprised by your emails - and pictures of your just finished Marys. This latest beauty was worked by Stasi in West Virginia. Stsi says, "I just received my finished, framed Mary Wigham and wanted to share it with you; I am so thrilled with the outcome. I had a large collection of limited edition Sampler Threads by the Gentle Art which I used for the stitching. A skein was more than enough for a motif, and often times more than one. It gave me the opportunity to paint with my own palette and use these luscious colors that aren't found in commercial designs. I substituted the initials from Mary's sampler with those of my aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents, husband, children and grand child. I wanted to include my aunts and uncles because with the exception of one uncle (who passed away), they are all still alive and have been married to their original spouses for over 50 years. I feel that is quite an accomplishment these days and reason to have them immortalized in my sampler." And immortalized is the word. Do write down your story some how and attach it to the back of your sampler so that the memory is never lost.
I had someone send me a picture of an Ackworth sampler they had stitched with a number of SB initials, wanting to know if, since our first Ackworth seminar we had managed to unravel its mystery - and the mystery was further compounded, because I had never seen it before!

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