Monday 5 July 2010

3 Key Fob Winners - More To Come

Goodness me! We were inundated with requests to be entered in this draw, so I have rifled through all my desk drawers, emptied the filing cabinets and rootled under the sofa cushions and found another 6 to give away. So if you entered the draw and didn't win this time, please don't give up hope. We'll have another draw next week and the week after from existing entrants to give those 6 away. Thank you to everyone for being such jolly good sports and entering the draw. So time to announce the winners: Da-DA! The winners this week are: Marie from I know not where at present, Gail from Arizona and Marie from Bella Napoli.

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  1. I am thrilled to know I have won one of the beautiful key fobs! Thank you, Jacqueline, for such a delightful give-away! I know what I will do with it: save it as a present for when my dear friend, who is a master embroiderer, visits from Australia in November. When she learns how it came into my possession, I know she will treasure it even more. And, I hope she doesn't read this comment!

  2. Congratulations Marie, Gail and Marie! :D

  3. thank's Jaqueline ;)
    ciao Maria

  4. It's arrived today ;) thank's
    happy we