Monday 19 July 2010

New Giveaway and Winners of the Last 3 Keyrings

Thank you very much to the many good sports who entered the draw for the Goodhart Sampler Keyrings. Congratulations to the winners of the last 3 key rings - they are: Ann-Maree from Australia; Giampiera from Italy; and Deborah from Canada. This week we shall see what Colonial Williamsburg has to offer....
The secret is revealed. This is a set of 4 needlepoint coasters (dare you use them as coasters?) worked in lovely Delft blue and white with a pineapple design and bordered with gilt braid. Again because this is a special giveaway we shall limit it to Needleprint blog customers only. So if you have purchased an item from the blog, then you are eligible to enter. To enter the give away just email me by clicking here. Good luck! The draw will take place next Monday morning and winners will be announced that day.
If you haven't purchased anything from the blog yet, maybe you would like to try it out, we have motif libraries costing just $8 with which you can have hours and hours of designing and stitching fun. Our products are in PDF format so you can print them out immediately and - as a bonus - they also come with editable versions for users of Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer for PCs or MacStitch for Mac.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline I received the keyring today. Thank you very much.
    A lovely Delft blue embroidery.
    Good luck everyone.
    Best regards

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful!