Friday 16 April 2010

What Not To Do With A Sampler and Leeds Museum Collections On Line

Fair enough it has not been made into a floor cloth or kettle holder. It might even be argued that it makes a sweet, unique purse - but sampler lovers say, 'please, please, don't try this at home, will you?'

Hannah Wilksage's joyful bird and flower sampler of 1825 is just one of 19 samplers you can now enjoy on the Leeds Museums Collections on-line gallery. You will need to enter Sampler into the search box to see them.

And next enter Tailor into the search box to find this tailor's wall hanging of circa 1840-1860 which measures aprroximately 1.4 x 1.4 metres and looks to have been made out of recycled army jackets.


  1. Did the sampler only survive because it was made into a purse? I know someone who bought a Victorian sewing bag from an antiques fair and the bottom bit of it was a coif - C19 recycling or madness?


  2. It is possible - maybe we need to be thankful for small mercies. I have just come across an 18th century pocket that is patched with pieces from a spot sampler - and now there is a coif in a Victorian sewing bag - whatever next! Thank you for sharing.