Friday 2 April 2010

East Meets West - the Breathtaking Yuki Pallis Collection

I must tell you about a gem of a private needlework museum and store in Kyoto, and the gem of a lady who owns it: Yuki Pallis. You can find the Yuki Pallis Collection just along the beautiful Philospher's Path in Kyoto, Japan. The space is a combination of the best Japanese and best Danish design, since Yuki-san spent many years in Denmark. Her collection reflects her love for the two countries; she has both an extensive European and Japanese collection of textiles. Some of you may already know of her beautiful books - Hedebo, and Initials and Monograms. These are incomparably lovely books with exquisite images, and though in Japanese, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Do look for them, they are obtainable in the west.

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  1. Oh, ciel! Je demande pour la traduction automatique et il a été complètement hors de sens! Pour l'amour
    sûr les photos n'ont pas besoin de traduction!