Tuesday 20 April 2010

Name That Band

Just to remind you that we are creating a dictionary of early sampler band and spots which will be included in our next book. It would be lovely if you could help us with the naming of the bands and spots, so that we are able to refer to them in the future and we shall all know what we are describing. Names need to be descriptive and succinct. You can try as many names as you like - if the name you have suggested is chosen, then you will be acknowledged in the new book. Here is Band 5. Do you think the central flower is Honeysuckle/Woodbine? To see all the bands so far just click here. To see all the bands so far just click here.


  1. Perhaps the center floral is a thistle? The ones flanking are definitely could name the band "Thistles and Carnations."

  2. Yes, definitely carnations - well done. Maybe we should think about counting the items in each repeat and making that part of the name? What do you think?

  3. I know someone raised this in a previous comment, but what is the consensus on giving the flowers their contemporary names rather than modern names (or vice versa)?

    I get very frustrated for instance with C17 raised work being called stumpwork.


  4. I always thought that the central flower was a honeysuckle. It certainly isn't a thistle!