Wednesday 14 April 2010

Locating Buildings on Samplers

It is sometimes frustrating when I see very particular buildings on samplers which look as though they once existed yet for which no record can be found of their present-day existence. Many old houses were unroofed after the first world war to avoid the payment of death duties - and without a roof, the building slowly sinks back into the clay from which its brick were made. On the other hand it is extraordinarily satisfying when one can link up a sampler with a present day building, like this sampler of Bishton Hall. The hall is still standing as you can see. Built in around 1750 by the Northcotes, a Staffordshire family, the prominent portico is a later addition. Now the hall is a preparatory school and venue for weddings. Estimated at £300-£400, the sampler is lot 293 at Bonhams' auction on 20 April 2010 at Knowle in Cheshire, UK. To see this sampler and another 17 samplers for auction click here. (You will need to page forward past the samplers already sold.)