Monday 5 April 2010

Samplers from the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Now On-Line

I am thrilled that so many museums are now loading images of their collections to enable on-line reseach. The Whitworth Art Gallery has 127 samplers over half of which are now available for viewing. It is a very interesting collection which includes many European examples from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and like this sampler, from France/Belgium. Does anyone know where this school might have been? To see the collection just click here and enter Sampler in the search box.


  1. I went on their site & I was amazed by the Floor spread (Indian).It remembers the pattern of Rosewood Manor:Inspiration.Do you agree with me?Love.Couson

  2. Oh, this is so nice to see! I will be so happy when most museums put their textile collections online for people to see. They are so often left in dark drawers and never come out for people to see them. This way, we get the best of both worlds, and we don't have to travel to see and study them. I hope a high volume of traffic lets them know that all their hard work on this endeavor is justified. I love the hover/magnifier, too!


  3. Love your blog and everything you share with us. Whitworth was my maiden name, how cool there is a gallery named that. Thanks again for sharing.