Thursday 22 April 2010

Ruskin Lace Courses at Coniston and Techniques of Ruskin Lace Working on DVD

Now that Elizabeth Prickett is officially retired, her link to the tradition of needle-made Ruskin Lace might have been lost if someone had not had the forethought to commit her expertise and knowledge of the craft of 36 years to DVD. And for those who cannot attend the courses in Coniston, the DVD is a wonderful resource. Instigated by John Ruskin in order to bring a little more income via women's work into the poor Lakeland farming economy, the technique of Ruskin-lace has survived since 1884 despite great changes in the world of fabric art. The DVD is professionally produced as a two disc pack of 3hrs. 55mins duration with a chapter menu and sub menu which will allow the operator to move to various stages as need. Beginning with an introduction. Followed by a breakdown of basic instruction from the blank piece of fabric through the many and varied traditional stages to the end result. With many 'tips' along the way to clarify the mystery, using very basic stitches viewed from the working position, concluding with a brief outline of the origins of Ruskin Lace. The price of the DVD is £18. For more details click here.
You can also attend Ruskin Lace courses tutored by Mrs Elizabeth Edmondson at the Ruskin Museum, Coniston, UK. There can be no more beautiful spot in the UK for attending a needlework course! The next courses are on: Weds & Thurs 2/3 June 2010 and Sat & Sun 2/3 Oct 2010. The fee for the course is £75 which includes lunch and refreshments. For further information, booking forms and accommodation details please contact Miss Vicky Slowe (Curator) Monday to Friday - Telephone number 015394 41164. For more details click here.
Mrs Pepper was one of the first proponents of Ruskin Lace-making which also included the spinning and making of the linen itself. Mrs Pepper is shown here circa 1900 at her spinning wheel wearing items of lace she had made herself.

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  1. Thank you J, the book is lovely, but the DVD must be of great help, well for me anyway and have ordered it forthwith :-))