Friday 9 April 2010

Moses Martin Feedbag

Sometimes the nicest things in life are the simplest, aren't they? This wonderful feedbag, nearly 20 inches wide by 29 inches long, was fashioned from homespun linen cloth and lovingly decorated for Moses Martin in 1853. His name and date are hand embroidered in indigo cross stitch on the front, above an inserted panel of indigo plaid. The bag has two hand-embroidered eyelets on the back top, where a drawstring can be inserted to close the bag. To see this and more vintage textiles, just click here.


  1. I wonder if the inserted fabric was to patch a hole. It looks like the way my grandmother taught me to make a sturdy, durable patch.

    1. Cut beyond the hole or tear into sound fabric.
    2. Stitch patch around outside edges onto back or in side of thing being patch turning under raw edges as you stitch.
    3. On front or out side of thing being patched, stitch around the hole turning in the raw edges as you stitch.

    For the patch use a sound piece of older fabric not a new piece of fabric because it likely will shrink when/if you wash what it is you are patching.

  2. This is so good to share the teaching of your grandmother - I feel that I have learnt something valuable and new - thank you!