Tuesday 13 April 2010

Name That Band

Band 1

Band 2
As part of the work for the two forthcoming Needleprint publications which document a world class private needlework and sampler collection, we are creating an illustrated 'Dictionary of Early Bands and Spots' to help us describe early band and spot samplers succinctly so that others can understand what we are talking about when we discuss different samplers. There is a fairly finite repertoire of bands across many samplers - we have even compiled a Top 10 of the most loved sampler bands and maybe we can run through those at some point. So we are looking for names for bands and it would be such a pity if we were to choose the names ourselves and not allow anyone else to join in the fun. So here is your chance to name a band and be acknowledged in the book. The names need to be descriptive, succinct and memorable. Here are the first two bands for you to think about.


  1. I offer gillyflower knot and heartsease wave.

  2. gorgon's knot & thistle and violet berry band

    this is not an easy task but makes you think. good fun.

  3. I love this game! I offer Undulating Pinks and Heart's Flutter.


  4. For the first band: Graceful Gillyflowers or Glorious Gillyflowers

    For the second band: Purely Pansies or Passionate Pansies


  5. I have developed names for a variety of 17th century bands - just to keep them straight as I research them. I try to make the names descriptive of what I see as then it is easier to remember each as distinct from the others. I call #1 "Knotted Chrysanthemums in a Box". I call #2 "Pansy on a W-Shaped Vine". I recommend this approach, although I am not at all wedded to these specific names.