Friday 4 December 2009

Urgent Appeal for Whereabouts of Item Purchased at Christie's 3 December

The power of the Internet! I heard yesterday that the Woman's Sleeve of 1610 to be auctioned at Christie's on 3 December was not, in fact, a sleeve, but the back panel of a woman's jacket. However, I was more concerned to hear that the jacket to which this panel belongs has been take apart and is being sold in pieces - though it may be that the dismembering took place some years ago. The pieces auctioned to date - a front panel can be seen below - have been bought by one person who was committed to reassembling the jacket.
I was even more aghast at the thought I had 'blown the cover' - sadly, I didn't know that there was any cover to be blown and would have kept hush had I known. Unfortunately, the collector was not the winner of the piece auctioned yesterday, and it seems as though the jacket may never come together again now...... If you bought the panel or know the person who bought the panel I wonder if you could please contact Tricia Nguyen at Thistle Threads. (This jacket is also the model for the Plimoth Jacket.) Thank you.


  1. How sad. I do hope that the purchaser sees this and does the right thing. I hope this story has a happy ending.

  2. I have asked auction houses to send a message on to a purchaser of an item and they have always been happy to do so. They won't tell you who bought the item but will give them your message, name and contact information. Perhaps Tricia might try that route, it has always worked for me in the past.