Wednesday 16 December 2009

Leon Conrad * Workshops & Lectures * 28 March 2010 * Greenwich Village, New York

One of the highlights of Ackworth2008 were the Needlework classes with Leon Conrad. His patience and dedication to detail were much commented upon - not to mention his charm. And then there was his lecture on early embroidered book-bindings which animated the whole audience. He is a presence in the needlework work never to be missed if you have the opportunity to join one of his workshops.
And again, readers in the USA need not feel neglected, since Leon will be visiting your shores in March 2010 - you lucky stitchers!

Leon is an expert on 16th and 17th Century needlework techniques and will be presenting the following programme on 28 March 2010:
Practical Workshop - giving deep insights into the goldwork stitches used on 16th and 17th Century pieces of English Embroidery such as Plaited Braid Stitch and its variations. Fee $250 if booked before 31 January 2010 else $300.
Veils of Mystery - a stand-alone lecture which reveals the beauty and unique qualities of English 16th and 17th Century embroidered bookbindings. Leon Conrad’s repertoire spans over 240 books from a wide social spectrum. Fee $15 if booked before 31 January 2010 else $20.
Stories and Symbols - sheds new light on 17th Century English Needlework Pictures. Leon reveals new evidence as to the significance and symbolism behind the motifs used and new theories as to the function and role these pieces played in the social world of their time. After this lecture, you’re guaranteed to see spot motifs in a new way! Fee $15 if booked before 31 January 2010 else $20.
For more information and booking details click here. Here is an additional contact link for you.


  1. I'm so envious of anyone who makes it to see Leon! In fact, I'm sorely tempted to book a flight and go myself - if only I could get over my flying phobia in time! :))

  2. What a treat...and I actually LIVE in NYC! If I may, I would like to include this information in my EGA newsletter.

  3. Of course you may, Edy - you can use anything you like from the blog without asking in future. It would be kind of you to mention the Needleprint blog as your source.

  4. Should one of the links at the end of the post go to an information page?

  5. Yes, I know this looks a bit confusing. Unfortunately, I don't have a link to an information page from Leon yet - just his email to me. The two email links are because someone experienced a difficulty with the first email, so I thought a 'belt and braces' solution might help.