Sunday 13 December 2009

Rose Huskey's Mary Just Before the Snow Falls

It is such a pleasure, having seen beautiful Marys in the making, to meet them again in their completion. We last saw Rose's Mary in a glowing summer cornfield. Rose writes:I finished Mary last night and photographed her outdoors just moments before the beginning of a beautiful snowfall which has lasted all day. The evergreen flowing into the right hand side of the photograph is last year’s Christmas tree. We buy live trees which are planted along our driveway when the Christmas season is over. The initials on the right hand side are the birth order of my wonderful grandchildren; Emily Alexandria, Lillian Maud, Isaiah Donald, Madeline Mackenzie, Sofia Ruth, Meredith Claire, Harold Lewis, and Nathan James. We selected a lovely piece of oak for Mary’s frame which my husband will be constructing in the next few days.
It is my hope that Mary will be joined by the Beatrix Potter sampler in early February. Beatrix Potter features the initials of our five children. By April 1, the Westtown sampler of Elizabeth Sharpless - which will have the initials of the ten generations between Elizabeth and me - will complete the trio. The girls will make their home in the “adult” guest room. (The children’s guest room is, quite frankly, a wooly, wild West themed room with a Texas Star quilt, bridles from beloved horses who are no longer with us, and lots of old postcards featuring cowgirls. I can’t help feeling that it is not quite the right environment for sedate Quaker ladies! ) In the meantime, I am so excited to have Miss Mary done in time to show our holiday guests. Lily expects to finish her sampler over Christmas break. It is breathtaking!
Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given us by sharing this sampler on your website. We wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year.

By: Rose Huskey
And all our love to you and your family, Rose. We wish you a blessed Christmas.

Rose Huskey


  1. i love the touches of black really brings it to life. great work and so fast.. mine is still at the very begining stages. soon i will have time for her.

  2. What a beautiful Mary!! I left the black out of mine, but seeing yours, I am regretting it.