Saturday 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

Now I have had my mince pie and glass of sherry, I'll share some history with you. When I was small I had great difficulty understanding Boxing Day. It probably crossed my mind that it was something to do with the ringside sport because Henry Cooper (who once knocked down Cassius Clay, as he then was) was a neighbourhood hero at the time. Later, since we went to my grandparents on that day, and since they usually had something in a box for us, I thought that was the logical explanation. When, finally the true origins were explained to me, they seemed less logical than I had guessed - why on earth, would one be boxing up Christmas presents to give as gifts after the day itself? Bizarre. And then, even older, when I had a holiday job, I was given my first official Christmas Box by the company - 2/11d to buy a pair of silk stockings! Unfortunately, the gift had not been increased since the war and was woefully short of the 9/11d needed to buy a pair of tights. Not even enough to buy half a pair of tights, in fact. I raise my glass to you and hope you are enjoying your festivities.


  1. i have also read that it comes from putting left over stuff in boxes outside of the church the day after Christmas for the needy. i guess once you recieved your new things you gave your old away. I read some say it is about Saint Stephen's. so many ideas for one day as usual who really knows. I remember my Canadian husband leaving me a box by my bed early on in our relationship on boxing day how fun another little surprise!

  2. I have recently moved to the USA from Canada, and had to explain to my husband what boxing day meant. He had never heard of it. We didn`t give gifts at home, but I did know the meaning of the day.

    Hope you had a Happy Christmas Jaqueline!

  3. Boxing day was also the day that servants were given their christmas boxes and a day off to visit their families. The boxes might contain leftover foodstuffs or money. This tradition is continues when we give money to the postman, the milkman, the newspaper deliverer or the dustbin men!!