Tuesday 22 December 2009

Little Amager stitch by Adrian

Adrian from Boston emailed me the other day to send me this photo of his stitching. He told me that he is a 32 year old guy who has recently gotten into cross stitching. He's been been teaching himself mostly and playing around with making his own charts. He has stitched it as Christmas gift for his mom, whose initials are WW. Lucky mom! In case you missed the Free Download of the Little Amager Chart - you can click here now for your free copy. And if you are unable to purchase the Amager Panel of 1799 locally, you can browse or purchase by clicking here.


  1. Jacqueline,
    Thanks for the chart and for making me an internet star!


  2. it is always nice to see that another man has seen the beauty in cross stitch and taken up the art. enjoy. your work is lovely. thanks for sharing

  3. I'm sorry you had this problem Linda, we changed our server last year and it looks like this file was omitted on the update - it is fixed now. Enjoy!