Wednesday 2 December 2009

It's Raining Auctions * Christie's * 3 December

(We have lakes and streams in unexpected places these days which makes travelling quite an adventure. I hope it will be cleared in time for our Sampler Guild get-together in Hascombe on 12 December.) In the meantime, here is another wonderful auction, this time tomorrow at Christie's in London. The first image is of a particularly gorgeous lady's sleeve circa 1610 - it seems a miracle not only that it has survived, but that the colours are so fresh and distinct.
This second image is of a gentleman's night cap of the same period as the sleeve. I am particularly intrigued by the lace infil which would have just eased the fit. Did someone take the measurements wrong when it was made - since heads rarely expand like the rest of the body? Did the wearer, once it was made, prefer it to sit lower on his head? Or, probably more likely, was it passed down the family and altered to fit the new owner? Secrets, always secrets!

Embroidered gauntlets are one of my passions and this one of a pair is shows the delicate crafting of the mid 17th century.

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  1. Jaqueline - gorgeous panels! - they belong to a jacket that is probabely being sold in pieces for obvious reasons. Someone has other panels - and is desparate to obtain these as well so that the jacket can eventually be re-assembled. Tricia at Thistle Threads has more information if you would like to contact her,
    Wendy Holt