Tuesday 1 December 2009

Tennants Auction * Leyburn * 5 December 2009

Tennants will be auctioning Dolls, Teddy Bears, Costume, Textiles and Samplers this Saturday and I thought you might like to see some of the delights you might find there. All the images are linked back to the catalogue, so just click on them to see more. Click here for an on-line Tennant's Catalogue. I sha'n't be bidding, but if I were I would find Lot 435 irresistable with its Aladdin's treasure chest of sumptious beaded pin-cushions and wall pockets. Can you see, towards the top of the right hand side, the Novelty Straw Hat needle-case? What fun! Just what I would give to Julie and Becky.
I know that Vivien Caughley, a sampler researcher in New Zealand, has a penchant for latter day samplers and perhaps this lot 563 might make an interesting present for her. Many of these samplers are still tucked away in private homes but are definitely not to be ignored.

I suppose this is why I love auctions, you never know what you will find in all those boxes. What exactly is the secret of Lot 425? There is a sampler taking up most of the bottom right hand side and I can just see a red aar sitting between a row of coloured numbers and some large capital letters. I bet this is a Dutch or Belgian sampler....a gift for those Best2Belgians Erica and Liliane.

I think I might be tempted to keep these special Goose Wing Yorkshire Dale Knitting Sheaths to myself. These were so handy for knitters, it meant that while you knit, you still had one hand free to stir the pot, wind the baby, pat the dog, mop the sweat from your husband's brow.....Lot 437 if you are thinking of bidding.


  1. OH what fun items! So many treasures, and you are right Jacqueline, Becky and Julie would love to have those treasures. Especially that little hat. Hummm, you might just see it down the road one day.

  2. Love those northern New York State Indian bead work pincushions! They are early 20th century work. And boy would I love a knitting sheath. Good thing I live far, far away.


  3. Marjie, what would we do without you to tell us wonderful snippets like these. I do hope the future owner will read your comment. But you know you can always bid on the phone.......I have bid once from Paris and it was so simple....but perhaps it is better you don't know that!

  4. I just LOVE your blog! Thanks for telling me about this!