Thursday 31 December 2009

I Confess to Christmas Shopping Today!

I spent the day in Chichester visiting the exhibition of Henry Moore Textiles at the Pallant House Gallery (which continues until February 21st 2010) - and shopping...Christmas shopping! I am still full of all the excitement of Christmas it would seem. It doesn't seem ever to go away and I ferret away small items for loved ones all year long. I don't know how long you will go on stitching your Christmas ornaments over the holiday period - but why stop? Stitching a small gift is a delightful way to spend time thinking on a dear friend. One of my dearest friends sent me a card saying: Friendship is made one stitch at a time. One stitch, one gentling word, a thought given...kindness continues in ripples like this ornament made for CW by Lynn. Lynn used Vikki Clayton's HDF silks in BeLeaved and either BeGuilted or BeHived for the goldish color. Simple, special, a token of love continuing the round.


  1. You're right : Simple, special, a token of love continuing the round.
    Happy New Year for you and your family!

  2. A Very Happy New Year to all my stitching friends all over the world, known or yet to meet. A simple ornament is a great way to take a break from some of the longer/harder projects we seem to take on throughout the year.