Saturday 8 October 2011

Present Moment In Bloomsbury

Having started work in London's Bloomsbury, it is always an area I love to return to - wandering around the streets at random pays enormous dividends and on one such tootle I wandered a little further than normal and ended up in Rugby Street where I opened the door on a little Victorian palace of enjoyment of old and new and second-hand - Ben Pentreath's shop. Fortunately, for those who live far from Bloomsbury, Ben offers his eclectic finds on-line. Just click here to visit.
I shall end up collecting the full colour range of this petersham ribbon because it makes pinballs beautifully dangly.

I love books - old books - so to have old books that provide storage solutions is just wiz. How wonderful to open up a stitching project from between the covers of an old book.
Eric Ravilious is my favourite graphic artist of all time and I collect prints, cards and books of his work. This Ravilious alphabet is giclée printed - just perfect for a grandaughter's room.
And some pattern rich wrapping paper - will I ever allow myself to fold it and use it, though?
I could go on and on, but this last project is something special. I have set a date for baking Christmas mince-pies and making Christmas Tree angels with my own angels - wish you could be here with us!

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  1. This post just reminded me of the joys of being able to visit certain parts of London that have not yet been overtaken by global conglomerates.

    I love all the examples you've shown, and would like to see more! Those angels are true angels.

    Best wishes.