Monday, 3 October 2011

Monika's Amager Panel 1799 - and the Amager Panel Chart Winner

The winner of this week's giveaway - the Amager Panel 1799 - can see here from Monika in Norway how beautifully this panel stitches up. Monika in Norway has completed her panel and can say that it has since been framed in a narrow "golden" frame and looks fabulous. It was very time-consuming but she loved every minute though. Congratulations, Monika!
Thank you to everyone who entered this last week's draw - and thank you too for your very kind comments about the blog. Some of you asked if we weren't exhausted posting every day. Well if you could see the emptied teapots, the digestive biscuit wrappers (chocolate digestives, I hasten to add), the chipped nail varnish and pencils twined through tousled hair, then you wouldn't need to ask. After spending a half hour drinking tea, eating chocolate biscuits and whirling around to Accuradio Oldies we are totally on the floor. Thankfully, we have the blog posts to relax us. And it is so relaxing to tell you that the winner of this week's draw for the lovely Amager 1799 Panel is Judy from Kalamazoo. (One day I must simply visit Kalamazoo!) Thank you to everyone for sharing the fun and taking time to enter.
Amager is Little Holland in Denmark with its own unique history and stitching motifs. Full printed chart with costume diary, 6 mini projects and history of Amager. Price includes postage.