Tuesday 18 October 2011

Linda's Most Excellent Quaker Basket & Remarkable Pin-Keeps

Linda is one of those stitchers I would aspire to be in another life-time. I had the privilege of meeting her at Ackworth2008 and at Ackworth2010 and seeing her work and creativity. So it was a great thrill for me to see that she had taken up the Quaker Basket Project and made it very much her own.
For a start, influenced by a similar basket which is now framed, she decided to make her Quaker Basket using perforated card which is just such a fabulous idea.
She added her own finishing touches to the base of the basket - but that is not all.
She continued to work with the charts, and translated them into these most excellent pin-keeps. Linda you are a stitching genius! Thank you so much for all the delight you bring to share with the stitching world. Keep shining!

Download. A lovely project to create a stitched six-sided Quaker basket commemorating our best-loved Quaker sampler stitchers. Comes with full making up instructions.