Sunday 23 October 2011

French Sampler Free Jigsaw Download

Many thanks to Marie-Louise who has undertaken some time-consuming research into Marie Duclos' sampler. She went to the archives of the Departement of Isere (9NUM/SE53/17) and found the following information: "L'An dix huit cent quarante neuf et le seize février à neuf heures du matin, pardevant nous, Edouard Martin, Maire, officier de l'Etat civil, sont comparus Joseph Rivet, âgé de vingt cinq ans, marchand de farine, et Arist(?) Massat, trente sept ans, percepteur intérimaire, domiciliés à Bourgoin, lesquels nous ont déclaré que Joséphine-Susanne Duclos, âgée de huit ans, fille de Justin-Eugène, marchand de charbons, et de Marie Douzet, son épouse, domiciliés à Bourgoin, rue d'Italie, y est décédée hier à dix heures du soir. Dont acte lu aux comparants qui ont signé avec nous." (February 16 1849 at nine in the morning, before me, Edward Martin, Mayor, of the civil State, was brought Joseph Rivet, twenty-five year old flour merchant and Arist(?) Massat, thirty-seven years, acting collector, domiciled at Bourgoin, who declared that Joséphine-Susanne Duclos, eight years' old, daughter of Justin-Eugène, coal merchant, and Marie Douzet, his wife, domiciled at Bourgoin, Italy Street, died yesterday at ten o'clock in the evening. This being read to the witnesses who have signed with us.) Marie-Louise was able to uncover the entire genealogy of the family. Josephine, born on 8 November 1840 was one of three sisters. Marguerite Marie was born on 11 November 1839 and Susanne Marie on 20 November 1841. Both sisters lived to be married. A maternal uncle who was witness to the marriage of Justin-Eugène and Marie Douzet was registered as a maker of silk stuffs from Lyons, and Marie-Louise wonders if this is where the silks came from to stitch this sampler. I hope you enjoy your free jigsaw download this week. However, sadly, this is not going to work for Mac users. Instructions: Click here next Click Open, then click the .EXE file name and click Run, when you see the jigsaw puzzle, click Play Too many pieces? Try clicking on Trays on the top tool bar to create any number of resizeable trays to sort your pieces ........ you can also click the Cheat button and watch the puzzle solve itself! The software is by David Gray designer of Jigsaws Galore - the powerful jigsaw player and creator for Windows.

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