Monday 10 October 2011

The Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection Now Available Through Amazon UK

Over several decades, Micheál and Elizabeth Feller have lovingly brought together and restored many fine pieces of needlework. It is thanks to their hard work and generosity that the collection is made as accessible as it can be, given the limitations of viewing precious textiles in other but the most subdued lighting conditions. And we have worked hard to make the book as accessible as possible. You should be able to obtain a copy through your local needlework store, but I do know that there are some of you, probably outside the USA, who really are off the beaten track and for whom a LNS is an unrealisable dream. If that is the case then you can now easily purchase a copy through The ISBN is 9780955208652 and the recommended price is $80, £40 or 60 Euros.Talking of Amazon - we are unable to sell through the US and when I looked I saw no books available there - so that must be a great opportunity for someone who wants to sell on We do have a special wholesale deal for anyone who wants to fill this niche. Just click the flying angel on the right panel to send me an email for more details.

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