Wednesday 12 October 2011

Pincushions from the Canadian Museum of Civilisation On-Line

I love pincushions, particularly patched and beaded ones. And for other lovers of pincushions there is a treat in store at the Canadian Museum of Civilisation where you can view on-line their collection of 83 pincushions.
Above you can see two images of a dear pincushion stitched by Cassie for her grandma. Its provenance is British Canadian from Nova Scotia.
And here above and below is an Iroquois pincushion, also from from Nova Scotia - note the skin backing on the reverse.
This type of Iroquois beaded pincushion inspired both French and British Canadian stitchers to emulate them.
The Museum database is searchable in both English and French. To see more click here and enter the search term: pincushion (all one word) to see the entire collection.


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