Saturday 28 May 2011

The Scissor's Praise - The Work of Ueli Hofer

I know this might be off topic for you, but perhaps like me you like cut-paper work, particularly when it is as mesmerisingly beautiful as the work of Ueli Hofer. I don't know, I can just look at this image of the Ark and the animals and the astonishing depiction of rain for long periods and keep finding something new in there.
The work above is a beguilingly simple repeating pattern of potted plants - but its rhythm of colour and form is simply superb.
And the works above and below are masterpieces - I can't add anything else at all that wouldn't detract from them.
Ueli Hofer was born in 1952 in the Emmenthal, Switzerland. He was first apprenticed as a baker - patissier. From there he turned to creating this cut works of art. In 2003 he was granted a prize for his art from the canton of Berne which enabled him to spend 6 month is New York. To see more of his work, just click here.
I can heartily recommend the book of his work - the ISBN is978-3258062389.


  1. I subscribe to your RSS feed and my Needleprint folder is quit full with "off topic" posts. Thank you for introducing me to things I otherwise would not have known about.

  2. ugh ... quit - where did that final "e" go? ;-)