Friday 13 May 2011

The Full Monty - Limbering Up Exercises for the Dorothy Ward Sampler

The long awaited re-issue of Amy Mitten's seminal work on Montenegrin Stitch: An Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch will soon be ready. This version has been significantly expanded. Those of you who already own the original version will find that adding the new edition: Exhumed to your library will be
like adding a completely new resource. Exhumed includes 112 full colour pages, 3 different methods for working the Montenegrin Stitch, pictures and blow ups of the Montenegrin Stitch from antique samplers, a couple of little charts for you to practice the Montenegrin Stitch and more. The quality of the stitch diagrams is excellent. Also included is advice on how to read charts for the Montenegrin Stitch and on working it over 2 or 3 threads. You can place your order now with Janice at Traditional Stitches - just click here.
As you might remember, the inside cover of our new book has, as a special bonus, a full colour chart for you to stitch a replica of the gorgeous Dorothy Ward band sampler of 1687, which you can see pictured here. While this sampler can be stitched in cross stitch for those unfamiliar with Montenegrin Stitch - why not start your limbering up exercises now with Amy's book to find out how to stitch like Dorothy!

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