Monday 16 May 2011

Cross Stitch? It's All The Vogue My Dear! ........... (And Free Draw)

Latest News - Read All Abaht It. Get Yer London Evening Standard. Banner Headline. All across London, hip and happy fans are finding cross-stitch easy, cool and creative. So there you have it - it's official.. (er't it yesterday, and the day before?) Thank you, Susan Albury, for sharing this fun topic with us.
And if you can't make it to the Hip Capital of Cross-Stitch this summer, then please don't fret.

I have one beautifully illustrated, full colour, 100 page, spare Buckingham Palace Official Souvenir Guide to give away in this week's draw - just click on the flying angel below and tell me how long you have been cross-stitching. The winner of the draw will be notified next Monday. Good luck!


  1. I've sent an email - thank you for this chance!

  2. I don't know how to decide the length of time I have cross stitched, if we are talking when I only used DMC floss and Aida cloth, then that makes it 28 years...if you take that out and just count the time that I have used wonderful linens and over-dyed floss then just 5 years. Now, I know you won't ask, but I will tell you, absolutely hands down working with linen and over dyed floss is like a slice of heaven in your hands. Have a great one...Susan

  3. I was commiserating with a friend about the state of the economy in Portugal - parts of Europe are having a very tough time indeed - and yet with a needle and some lovely floss, we both agreed, you can feel like a millionairess!

  4. I agree that CC does chase the blues away!!It has been my therapy for quite a while just isn't complete without stitch for a while.

    Even when the body's not feeling good, stitching does help!
    Happy stitching,