Friday 6 May 2011

Dorothy Ward, Traditional Stitches, Lily of the Valley and May Day

As you might remember, the inside cover of our new book had, as a special bonus, a full colour chart for you to stitch a replica of the gorgeous Dorothy Ward band sampler of 1687, which you can see pictured here. If you want to be ready to stitch this lovely sampler when the book arrives, Traditional Stitches are doing a special kit of all you need. Simply click here to talk to Janice and reserve your kit now.
And yes, somehow in all the excitement of The Wedding, I forgot May Day. I was fixated on Kate's lovely bouquet of Lily of the Valley, which grows prolifically in our dell here. My daughter came over and made me a cake - complete with a little tied bouquet of sugared Lily of the Valley. (By the way, Lily of the Valley or Muguet des Bois is the traditional flower for May 1st in France.)


  1. I was looking at the internet about Lily of the Valley and if it is really edible. I found this site for edible flower and at the bottom it states that Lily of the Valley should be avoided in eating.
    Your receipe sounds great but are you sure.
    Hate to be the barrier of any potential bad news but just want to let you know what I found. Here is the link, scroll down to the bottom of the table to read the info.

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  3. Thank you Rebecca - I am going to play safe and remove the mention to the shortbread!