Monday 2 May 2011

Heroines of Antiquity, Lambert Barnard Tudor Painter, Chichester AND 2 Giveaways!

When David Coke spoke to the Ackworth2008 gathering, it was to speak about the fabulous Amberley Panels painted by Lambert Barnard for Robert Sherburne, Bishop of Chichester, which so recall the subject matter of Henry VIII's now lost tapestry City of Ladies or Siege des Dames listed in his inventory of 1547. Recalling an even earlier book by Christine de Pisan, it seems a strange topic for a bishop...and possibly had something to do with the bishop signalling his support for Catherine of Aragon in the Great Divorce debate.
This series of 8 panels painted in the first half of the 16th century can still be see today in the Pallant Art Gallery in Chichester, UK
Also commissioned by Robert Sherburne was a series of panels of the Kings of England which is housed almost out of sight, high up on the transept wall of Chichester Cathedral.
At present the work is undergoing restoration and on 4 May you can climb the scaffolding (with steps!) to see these panels close up.
It is well worth the visit - and maybe you will leave a little donation towards the restoration appeal. Click here for more details. This last panel of James I was obviously added after Lambert's death in 1567.

I have 2 lovely full colour fact sheets to give away - just click on the flying angel below and tell me why you would like to win one. The two winners will be notified next Monday. Good luck!

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