Saturday 7 May 2011

Not 5 but 12 Winners of Deborah Cockin!

There were so many entries for this giveaway! And I thought to myself, what would Jean Panter (the owner) have done if she were still alive. Generous spirit that she was, she would have doubled the number of winners. So that is what we did - and added another two in honour of Jean herself and her lovely sister Anne, a brilliant and creative silversmith, who lived with Jean and died within weeks of her. So we drew 12 at random from your emails. I am sorry you didn't all win.

The winners of this giveaway draw are:
Becky from Washington; Elizabeth from Canada; Riet from the Netherlands; Annemarie from Italy; Jane M from NY; Sarah L; Devi; Nicole from France; Donatella from Italy; Paula from Lima; Cathy from Australia; Susan from Maine. Congratulations to you all - you will receive your notification and download link within in the next 2 days. Thank you to everyone for participating.


  1. Congratulations to all of your winners.

  2. I think I am one off the lucky girls!!
    The pattern is very beautiful, I awaiting if I get an email.

  3. Congratulations, ladies!

  4. Yupiiii!! Thank you so much! I'm one of the lucky ones!

  5. I was so excited by this announcement... I hope I was a winner and was thrilled to receive the email! Thank you so much!