Tuesday 10 May 2011

Deborah Cockin is Now Ready

Deborah has taken a little longer to complete than expected - thank you squirrels for nibbling away our power lines - again! (Were they the mischievous squirrels we see on Ackworth samplers do you think?) But here she is ready for you to download and enjoy right now. Just click here to browse or buy. The finished size of this sampler is approx. 15” x 15”
(39 cm x 39 cm) and the pattern size is 243 x 249 stitches - almost square but not quite - a little like the quirky letters she intersperses with her motifs! Deborah belonged to a well-established line of Cockins who live in Doncaster to this day. She was one of six who attended Ackworth School, having been preceded by John in 1790, Mary in 1792, Ann in 1794, Joseph in 1797, Richard in 1801. Deborah, herself, was a scholar at Ackworth School from 1805-1808. The Cockins appear in the principal list of inhabitants in Doncaster at that time as Victuallers, Breeches Makers and Sadlers.

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  1. Wonderful Jacqueline:)) I do love squirrels but not the kabelchewing grey kind!