Tuesday, 8 February 2011

And the Winner of the SANQ Giveaway is...

Thank you to all of you who joined in the New Year's fun for the giveaway, which this time was Winter's edition of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. Is it still winter with you? Or can you see some green buds showing? We have daffodils and snowdrops out, horizon to horizon clear blue sky and birds are singing so perhaps there are intimations of Spring outside. Still pullover weather... But I digress! The winner of the SANQ is - tarantarantara - Eva G from Lulea, Sweden. Your SANQ will be in the air to you today, Eva. Everyone else please look out for the next giveaway of an antique needlework book coming soon.


  1. congrats, Eva! is a beautiful magazine! :)

    waiting for Spring time.

  2. Wow!! Thank you very much!!

    Eva G, Lulea

  3. Congrats Eva, it looks like something you'll love.

    No green shoots here, still snow up to window level. But that also means more time inside to stitch :)