Monday, 21 February 2011

Auction Roundup

Oh, these are so pretty with their peardrop shape. They are embroidered pocket watch holders - and they are a pair! From the time of William IV, they are dated 1833 and their estimate is: £70-£100. They are being auctioned by Tooveys on 23 February. So click on the link and establish your creditworthiness and bid with Tooveys right away to avoid disappointment.
I wonder if the Patchwork artist Mary Jenkins is looking - this early 19th century woolwork sampler was made by Mary Treloar Jenkyn who was born April 29.1819 and finished her sampler Mar 2.1829 with the motto if idly spent no art or care times blessing can restore and heaven requires a strict account for evry misspent hour It measures 52cm x 20cm and the estimate is £50-£80. To be auctioned on 24 February by David Lay.
Good things seem to come in pairs and this pair of late Georgian samplers worked in 1819 by Margret and Ismay Flanagan are no exception. I am so pleased they are still together after all these years. The measure 42cm x 18cm and have an estimate of £50-£200. They are being auctioned on 25 February by Bigwood Auctioneers.
This fabulous Dutch darning sampler dated 1811 and measuring 45 x 43cms will be auctioned on 25 February at Stride & Son Auctions. There is no estimate given.
Yes, I have a thing about Scottish samplers, their alphabets and those boxers, tease me no more! This sampler has holes and some damage but is most endearing nonetheless. Worked by Elizabeth Haig aged 8 years in 1776, it measures just 12" x 8¼" and has an estimate of £200 - 300 with Taylor and Fletcher Auctions on 24 February.
Last but by no means least is this very charming sampler by Sarah Watson dated 1831 with a young lady and man on either side of a vase of flowers in the middle ground. The sampler measures 31 x 42 cms and has an estimate of £300-£500 at Rowley Fine Art, to be sold at Tattersalls, Newmarket on 22 February.

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