Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New from Needleprint for 2011

We have a number of new items lining up for you this year - first off will be this pretty Quaker Sampler from York School dated 1800. You will remember that York School was a sister school to Ackworth and was set up and run by the Tuke family for children not eligible for entrance to Ackworth. This is a sampler from one of our forthcoming books.
You have told me you love monochromes, so we have this delightful sampler by Deborah Cockin in production for you. Deborah came from Doncaster in Yorkshire and was at Ackworth School from 1805-1808. I was invited by my good friend Jean Panter to image this sampler for her.
This is a very special 17th century Dutch sampler in Haslemere Educational Museum and was stitched by Grijceg and Alberts daughter. All our samplers are produced under license with the money going to sampler conservation. We hope you will enjoy stitching them.


  1. Happy New Year Jacqueline - these look just wonderful as always - I can't wait to see them "in the flesh"!

  2. These are beautiful! Can't wait until the book releases! I still have the monochrome Ann Trump on my wish list!

  3. Am really looking forward to those samplers - especially the monochrome version. Simply wonderful.Monika