Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Say Hello to Monika in Norway

Monika likes to read the Needleprint blog to see what everyone is doing - it is a nice way for stitchers to keep in touch with stitchers around the world. Particularly for those of you in far flung places where stitchers may be few on the ground. Monika and her husband are wearing the tradtional 'bunads'. Monika says: As Our 'bunads' are from a region called Telemark. The blouse, as you can see, is stitched in cross-stitch - the rest of the outfit is stitched in satin stitch. Although I am not Norwegian I am very proud to be the owner of such a beautiful outfit - it was a wedding gift from my husband. Both male and female bunads have a lot of silver buttons, claps and broaches - I tell you - it is quite a task to get everything into place on the morning of our National Day - May 17th - but in the end well worth it. Lovely to hear from you Monika - we look forward to hearing more about you and your stitching in the future. Perhaps there are stitchers from other parts of the world who would like to share something special with us? Just scroll down the blog and click on the flying angel to email me.


  1. So very beautiful! Does Monika have a blog?

  2. Ohh, how nice to read about Monika and her husband. Beautiful Fotos !!

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

  3. Beautiful. I love seeing how our neighbors express their traditions. Thank you, Monika, for sharing with us,

  4. love it so beautiful. it is great to share and who wouldn't want to wear something so beautiful.

  5. What gorgeous clothing! I am always envious of traditional must be wonderful to have such an tangible link to the past!